Repair Broken Appliance Or Replace?

Is your appliance not working as well as usual? Not working at all? Should you repair or replace it?

When an appliance loses performance or stops working altogether, it can be difficult to know whether to repair or replace it.

If your manufacturers warranty has expired you may be more likely to consider a replacement. Getting your appliance serviced by the manufacturer can be time consuming, leaving you without a working dishwasher, dryer or washer for days or weeks at a time.

If your appliance is still within it’s warranty it is recommended that you schedule an authorized factory repair, for everyone else a repair from an independent appliance repairman can be a viable alternative to replacement. An independent will almost always be cheaper and far quicker than waiting for a manufacturer repair.

Hire a Local Appliance Repairman

Whenever you hire a local repairman, always be sure to ask how much the repair will cost. If the repair is going to be too expense it may be worth a replacement. Some older appliances are more expensive to repair because it’s harder to find replacement parts, however most of the time an appliance repair is a far cheaper option.

When to Replace a Broken Appliance

If your appliance is less than 3-5 years old, it is typically worth repairing instead of replacing. For older appliances that are nearing the end of their lifespan, it may be worth a replacement instead. If you are prepared to spend the money, you may wish to upgrade to a more energy efficient model, particularly if you have an older appliance. However if you are looking to save money, the best option is almost always repair.