Reasons to Consider Appliance Repair Before Buying New

Come 2020, projections place the home appliance industry worth over 580 billion dollars annually.

That’s a lot of microwaves!

Of course, the appliance market goes well beyond things that can heat up your leftovers in a few seconds. Home appliances include dishwashers, refrigerators, garbage disposals, air-conditioners and a lot more.

When some folks find that their vacuum has no suction, air-conditioner’s not cooling, or the dishwasher is cleaning your dishes about as well as one of the kids when they’d rather be watching Netflix, their first reaction is to run to the store and replace their home appliances, without considering appliance repair options.

We’re here to flip that process around and let you know a some of the biggest reasons you should consider appliance repair before new appliance purchasing.

7 Reasons to Consider Appliance Repair Before Buying New

1) It Could Save You Hundreds
This is an obvious reason why repair trumps purchasing and what a great reason it is. If you choose to have a repair specialist look over your broken appliance before buying a new one, you could avoid unnecessary spending.

When considering the cost of a modern washing machine which can be over two-thousand dollars and compare that to repair bills that could easily come in at a hundred and fifty dollars or less, the value of looking into a repair speaks for itself.

2) No Shipping Required
This reason could also fit under the “money saving” category since shipping new appliances can be costly, and combined with installation can cost as much as a repair would have. Money aside though, having appliances shipped or delivered can also be a hassle.

You need to be home at odd hours to sign for the package. You’ll need to direct shippers where to put the unit and coordinate to avoid damage if you’re buying a large unit that you need to wheel through the house. Un-boxing can even be difficult! And then what do you do with the old machine!

All of these things work together to create a major inconvenience.

With appliance repair, a reputable service provider can simply come to you during a scheduled appointment for diagnosis and repair of your already installed unit.

3) You Get an Education in Maintenance
A good appliance service provider will send someone out who is personable and will educate you on how to properly care for your appliance to avoid excessive repair and replacement costs in the future.

This is a big difference from a lot of the sales floor people you might run into at your local appliance market.

Salespeople are there to sell and while they have a general idea of the functions of appliances, it’s rare that they know about specific components used in major brands and how to best care for each brand specifically.

Service providers are brand specialists and you can benefit from all of their knowledge when they make a house call.

4) You Save Time
The amount of work it takes to buy a major appliance can be cumbersome, to say the least. While purchasing a toaster is easy enough, appliances like washers, dryers, and air-conditioners represent major investments and to that end, a lot of research needs to happen.

“What are the best deals?” “What promotions are going on?” “Which brands are the best?” “Which appliance best suit my home?”

It can put a lot of pressure to make sure that the money you spend ends up being an investment and not money wasted.

With a repair service you get to save the time required to drive around town and compare prices, you get to keep the unit you already have which you know fits your lifestyle, and the effort required to get it up in running again is nominal.

5) No Gimmicks
When buying appliances you’re going to run into flash deals, financing, up-sells, cross-sells, and other gimmicks that appliance dealers use to try and boost revenue. When all you’re looking to do is buy something economical that can get your life moving again, dealing with sales gimmicks can be frustrating.

With reputable appliance repair, you can expect fair, upfront pricing and suggestions aimed at providing you the most value.

6) Your Warranty Could Cover Your Repair Costs
Is your product under warranty? Are you not sure?

When you get in touch with a reputable appliance repair service, their technicians can help you determine if your machine is eligible for subsidized or free repair through your warranty.

Think of how painful it would be if you spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars when you could have had your appliance fixed at no cost to you.

7) You Should Consider Appliance Repair Before Buying New Because… Why Not?
That’s a pretty cheeky reason, we know. But still, what do you have to lose by having a service professional advise you on whether or not you can repair your appliance at a significant discount over buying new?

If you can fix it, great! You get all of the benefits we’ve discussed so far. If you can’t, okay. You now can confidently enter the marketplace and look for a new appliance knowing you did your due-diligence.

Appliances run our households and now more than ever, given all of the bells and whistles modern appliances come with – they’re prone to malfunctioning. As the old adage goes – “they don’t make them like they used to”, and this most certainly applies with home appliances. There is, among some consumers the thought that buying new will reset the repair incidence time clock. However, the odds of a new appliance out lasting the older one are incrementally diminishing.

When your appliance does malfunction, it can seem easier to buy a new one as opposed to opting for appliance repair. Looks can be deceiving though and the benefits of contacting a reputable repair service first are well worth the nominal time it takes to do so.

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