Why is my Gas Stove Clicking?

If you own a Gas Stove or Range, you’re probably all too familiar with the clicking noise they make when you turn the Surface Burner Knob. Click, click, click, and the burner lights. This noise is the Electric Igniter working to spark the Burner and should stop once it’s lit.

A normally functioning igniter will typically click up to three times before it sparks. But, every now and then you may run into instances where the igniter continues to click or tick even after the burner is lit, or the burner never lights at all. So what do you do? Before you buy a new igniter for your stove, we have a few troubleshooting tips you can try that may solve the problem.

WARNING: A clicking igniter typically is not dangerous and may continue to click if the gas is shut off. If you smell gas or suspect a gas leak, shut of the gas supply, exit the area, and contact a technician or your gas supplier.

Out of Alignment

So what might have caused the problem? One of the most common sources of this issue is that the Burner Cap is out of place. Make sure the cook top is completely cooled and remove the Burner Grate to access the cap. Try removing the cap and center it on the base. If the burner cap is askew, it can prevent the burner from lighting.

Excess Moisture

If that doesn’t work, check for moisture. If you recently had a pot boil over on burner, a food or grease spill, or cleaned the cook top, there may still be moisture present even if it looks dry. Remove the burner cap, and give the burner time to air dry. To speed up the process, make sure all the burners are off and towel off the top of the range. You can then either use a fan aimed at the range top, or set your oven to 350° and leave it on for around 30 minutes to speed up dry time.

Food or Debris

If you see that there is debris stuck in the holes in the burner, that could also potentially be the culprit.

You can use a metal pin or paper clip to clear the debris out of the the grooves. Never use items such as toothpicks to do this, they may break off and get lodged inside.

Still Not Working?

If you get through all of these tips and still have the clicking problem, it may be the Spark Module, Spark Ignition Switch, or the Igniter itself. We can help you find your gas stove replacements parts for your stove’s model.  If you’re ever unsure don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can schedule an appointment to come out and take a look at your gas stove repair.


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